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Networking, Accountability and Partnership Program!

You are a culmination of the people you hang around with
- so make sure you are hanging out with winners!

  • Networking this business is a team sport and having the right connections can make all the difference. 
  • Accountability be held accountable to your goals.
  • Partnerships and never stray from the big picture. No matter what life may throw your way.
Real estate and specifically multifamily real estate is a team sport – you need to surround yourself with the right people, and our team at MultifamilyMasters are the right people. Our leadership team owns, manages, and controls 3000+ apartments while having 30+ years of real estate experience. We want to see you win and we want you to understand this business inside & out, because we want to help you close deals. 
This is a program for positive thinking, like-minded, action-taking individuals looking to create more wealth, freedom, and flexibility through real estate. We do not care if you are looking to buy your 1st property, or have years of experience under your belt – we want to help you learn, we want to help you grow, and we want to hold you accountable, because we want to partner with you.
🎯 Do you want to learn tips & tricks to the trade when it comes to buying & owning real estate?
🎯 Do you want to surround yourself with people who have been there and done that?
🎯 Do you want someone with experience looking over your shoulder holding you accountable?
🎯 Do you want people in your direct network who own hundreds & thousands of apartments?
🎯 Do you want to add a team with extensive experience to your resume and to your website?
🎯 Do you want to learn, share, network, and grow your real estate business?

Due to COVID there is no better time to take action than NOW! 
COVID is going to present opportunities like we have never seen before. Are you doing everything you can to put you and your family in a position to take full advantage of current and upcoming market conditions? 
When you surround yourself with great people, great things happen. Now is your opportunity to learn, share, network, & grow this business while surrounding yourself with people who are forward thinking action-takers and people who want to see you win. If accepted into this program we will hold you accountable and we will give you actionable steps for you to take your business to the next level.  

Who We Are

MultifamilyMasters is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest multifamily / cash flowing real estate platform. As of the time of this writing we have around 70 meetups across the globe including Asia, Europe, and North America. We have a fast-growing Facebook group called with 6000 members, and the three owners of MultifamilyMasters have decades of experience while having purchased a ton of real estate since 2001, and they currently control 3000+ apartments. This is a down to earth group, ran by down to earth people, that want to help you win!  


12 months of learning, networking, and growing your real estate business
Partnership opportunities


Free Training material
Free Training modules
Free Forms & document library
Industry references that we recommend (books, podcasts, YT channels, Social media groups, forums, & other references)

Training and Mentor Calls

Monthly real estate Zoom calls (up to 48 per year – group, interactive, question & answer) 
Accountability groups w/ accountability calls (very small group setting, very interactive)
Monthly accountability Zoom calls (up to 24 per year)
Monthly guest-speaker Zoom call 
Weekly calls, emails, text messages & voicemails 
  (real estate, business, motivational, efficiency, health & mindset tips and tricks)
Private FB Group for mastermind members to bounce ideas, tips & tricks
Live Q&A calls within our FB group


Partnership opportunities – we own, operate, control 3000+ apartments and we partner with MasterMind members
List us as advisors on your team / website
Access to our team, friends, business partners, colleagues, & individuals that can help you grow 


Networking happy hours, meetups
Discounted tickets to conferences & networking events across the country
And much more !!

 Limited Time we are also including

*Six 1-on-1 calls with an experienced multifamily operator/coach (additional 1-on-1 calls may be purchased)
*Limited Email Support
*Limited Phone Support

What's Covered

How to grow YOUR business
How to take your business & skill level from point A to point B
How to grow your mindset & your life
How to avoid pitfalls & mistakes we have made
How to buy small & large apartment buildings
How to structure deals
How to pick a market
How to analyze markets
How to find deals
How to reach out directly to seller
How to network with brokers
How to analyze deals
How to fund deals & raise capital
How to build your team
How to properly network (social media, local, national, virtual)
How to increase your efficiency
CRM tools
Systems to make your business & life easier
Virtual assistants
And MUCH MUCH more !!

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